Tuesday, 25 June 2013

TRVPEAZEE Hosted by ALASKAMC - EatWell 2013 -W.A.R. USA/UK

TRVPEAZEE Hosted by ALASKAMC - EatWell 2013 -W.A.R. USA/UK by Alaskamc - Feed The Floor on Mixcloud

http://www.mixcloud.com/roadbuffet/trvpeazee-featalaskamc-eatwell-2013-war-usauk/ for Bookings contact: KellyVoice.com Arizona's finest DJ TRVPEAZEE teams up with world renowned BassElationist ALASKAMC to give you some dutty BASS goodness. RUNdaTRVP! Big shouts to J Proppa, MJ and the ATL HustlerCru. The motion is simple... >> FOCUS ON WHAT YOU LOVE DROP EVERYTHANG ELSE! << Yall skrait B as U choose! GET CHooSEY! Run tell yah friends and share this one out. I t s u p t o y o u i n w h a t y o u d o. E A T W E L L 4 e v a h! facebook/twitter: trvpeazee facebook/twitter/soundcloud: alaskamc website: www.clubalaska.co.uk

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